“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see” – Mark Twain

Area Manager Hannah is an experienced customer service manager hailing from a variety of different sectors including Aviation, Financial Services and Facilities Management.

She says that while diverse, the thing they all have in common is a focus on building the best team possible to ensure a flawless customer and brand experience.

From her time managing Cabin Crew for Virgin Australia’s International Operations, Hannah’s love for face-to-face engagement grew and she says there is nothing more rewarding than turning someone’s day around to make them feel special and memorable.

She brings this love to My Botique alongside her huge passion for skincare and holistic wellness. Hannah believes that “the services we provide at My Botique range far greater than your regular clinic because we have a team of specialist nurses who work to not only to help you look better but ultimately make you feel better and more confident in your own natural beauty.”

What do you love most about My Botique?
I love that every single member of our team is dedicated to being the best in the business. We are all constantly evolving and learning, which I believe is important in this industry so that we stay on top of our game!
Additionally, all of our staff are incredibly fun, personable and caring both in the way they carry themselves in clinic, and out in the world!
What drew you to My Botique?
My career background is in people management, both in the financial and aviation industries. I had been working in Aviation for 10 years when the Covid-19 crisis happened, and so, I took that time as an opportunity to re-evaluate my current career and look to use my skills in an industry that interested and excited me!
I’ve always been really interested in skin care, cosmetic treatments, and the medical advancements we are making in the beauty industry and so when this position at My Botique came up I jumped on it with both hands and have never looked back!
What treatment at My Botique is your favourite?

I absolutely swear by Skin Needling for beauty newbies who want to see results but want to start at a lower price point. It’s a great treatment to promote even skin tone, collagen production, reduce the appearance of pores and treat scars and wrinkles. It’s even better when combined with our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment to create the ultimate ‘Vampire Facial’, made famous by Kimmy K! Who doesn’t want skin like Kim?!

What is the most gratifying aspect of your job?
The most gratifying aspect for my job is split between process and people. I love looking at a business and seeing ways to simplify the structures and processes in place so that the team can work at their full capacity without any obstructions. This then enables them to spend all their time ensuring you get the best treatment ever!
I am a real people person and love that this job allows me face to face time both with my team and the clients. It’s really rewarding seeing clients achieve results they used to only dream about!
How do you spend your spare time?
I am an outdoors girl at heart and an adventure/travel junkie!
My partner and I love hiking, scuba diving, camping, skiing, and seeing as much of the beautiful natural world that we can!
We also have two cute mini-dachshunds that love to snuggle (but don’t share our enthusiasm for strenuous hikes!). They’d be much more in their element at My Botique getting pampered by all the girls!

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