Clinic Health and Hygiene Protocols

My Botique has been busy implementing and preparing the clinic for our re-opening in keeping with the new health and hygiene protocols in place for medical clinics laid out by the NSW government.

For the wellbeing of our staff and clients, The clinic will now adhere to requirements set out in our COVID-safe plan. The plan can be found at our reception for your perusal. However, in short, My Botique clinic changes include:

  • Temperature checks are now mandatory before entering the clinic
  • All surfaces will be disinfected and cleaned with every new appointment, as well as frequent washing of the hands
  • Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves will be worn by our staff at all times and changed between each interaction
  • Due to the social distancing requirements, we will now not have a waiting area, and only allow one client into the clinic at a time.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic and it’s treatment rooms
  • Exclude staff and clients who are unwell, even if they have only mild symptoms
  • Record attendance on the premises for all staff, clients and contractors
  • Clearly display conditions of entry on our entrance, website and social media platforms
  • Encourage download of the COVID-safe app.

In addition to the above requirements, My Botique will also-

  • Temporarily remove all touchpoint materials including water, tea, and magazines.
  • Take payment by card only. No cash will be handled.
  • All staff have to complete the new Covid19 training programme set out by the NSW government.

If you have any questions about how My Botique is adapting to the new Covid19 health and hygiene protocols, please contact us at