The 2019 Aesthetics Conference

The Medical Professionals at My Botique were fortunate enough to recently attend the exclusive 2019 Aesthetics Conference in Sydney. The conference focused on educating advanced practitioners on all areas relating to injectables, skin health and associated therapies.

The Conference covered comprehensive and exciting live demonstrations of fillers and neuromodulator injections by local and international experts, as well as panel discussions addressing industry needs and current trends in aesthetic medicine.

Continual training is extremely important in any professional field, but particularly so within the cosmetic injection and aesthetic sector. This is because new scientific advancements and techniques are being introduced and perfected every single day when it comes to cosmetic injections. Change is a good thing, and My Botique wants to stay ahead of the rest so as to deliver our clients the most up-to-date treatments that leave longer-lasting and more flattering results.

Our Nurse Aline raved about the different techniques for lip injections demonstrated and, already versed in the highest approach to safety, loved revisiting techniques to providing medically secure practices.

The two-day conference was a huge success and My Botique is absolutely honoured to be a part of such a great, vibrant and talented group of professionals. It’s important for us to surround ourselves with professionals who think like us and push us to work harder than we did yesterday. Thanks 2019 Aesthetic Conference, see you next year!