My Botique Wish List

My Botique Wish List

Daydreaming of when the lockdown restrictions are lifted? What’s the first thing you’re going to do? For a lot of My Botique clients, myself included, the plan is to make a beeline to My Botique. Never have I gone so long without a pick-me-up from My Botique, whether it be anti-wrinkle injections, volume replacement in the cheeks and lips, a health check with a vitamin infusion or a hydration boost. Iso has got me feeling ick, and I can’t wait to get back to me. But what to get first?! Decisions, decisions.


To further my excitement about the lockdown laws easing any day now, and to restore some of my sanity, I have created a Wish List based on what aesthetic concerns are bothering me the most at the moment and the best ways to treat them.


ConcernMy face seems deflated

I know it’s just the natural ageing process that everything starts to head south, but I particularly noticed an increase in jowl droopage. I’m beginning to see my Mother every time I look in the mirror. That’s not a completely bad thing, my mother is a beautiful woman, but none the less, I don’t want to lose my own identity. So the first port of call when reintroducing volume to my face is cheek filler.  Not only will this create a natural-looking contour to the overall structure of my face, but it will also add hydration and ‘fullness’ to my cheek area. It will also assist in lifting and tightening my jowls. 

Along with cheek filler, chin filler and jaw filler is also on my wish list. This will contribute to tightening my jowl area, thining my neck and creating a gorgeous profile. 

This next treatment doesn’t so much apply to me (yet) but another consideration, if you are worried about lost volume and looking deflated, is temple filler. Temple filler eliminates the ‘skull-like’ shape of your face by filling in the negative space where your temples are. You will be absolutely blown away by how many years this will take off your appearance as this is one of the first areas women lose volume.


ConcernMy Resting Bitch Face has returned

It’s like Grumpy Cat has been resurrected and attached itself to my face! My smile lines have depended whilst in isolation, not to mention my frown lines could now have their own postcode (despite how hard I have tried to be ‘zen’).

The solution? Naso-labial filler. Only a little bit of filler is needed to treat smile lines, meaning you could use the rest of your 1ml of filler elsewhere like your chin or cheeks. Nasolabial filler will help to minimize the lines around the side of your mouth drastically! It’s like a magic eraser has been used to wipe off years of wrinkles brought on by pursing your lips for those daggy photo’s that, if you’re anything like me, plagued your FB feed for the past 10 years.

Now let’s talk about that furrowed brow. The best treatment to smooth our those lines is anti-wrinkle injections. Anti-wrinkle injections consist of several small superficial injections to areas of concern that smooth out fine lines. You can have as much or as little anti-wrinkle injections as you like. Have a natural look, or choose to be completely frozen. I choose the latter so my family can’t tell how infuriated they make me sometimes! Thankgod schools have opened again, am I right? 

Besides treating frown lines, anti-wrinkle injections are also fantastic at minimizing forehead lines, crows feet, treating the masseters, sweaty hands and underarms, and, one of our most popular treatments, lifting the brows.


ConcernI feel lethargic after months of staying indoors and filling in my immense amount of spare time by eating everything in sight

The best way My Botique can help revive inner health and give you back your bounce is via their Vitamin C and Glutathione infusions administered intravenously. My Botique all offer B12 shots. Not only do these treatments off benefits such as immune health, energy and overall revitalisation, they can also assist in glowing skin and hair and nail health. 

I personally think this treatment is a must for me and probably at the top of my wish list. Looking after ones immunity right now has never been more important!


ConcernMy skin just looks grey, lifeless and dry

Zombie alert! Anyone else’s skin lost their glow? This one is a simple fix with a Beauty Booster treatment at My Botique. Welcome to a world of hydration! The V2 Beauty Booster consists of tiny little injections that pump hyaluronic acid beneath the skin targeting dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is also designed to prevent premature ageing and boost the radiance of your face while improving skin elasticity and texture. 


Ofocurse there are a bunch more treatments on offer at My Botique to treat a huge range of concerns but the above 4 are personally my most worrisome. I might even mix and match some treatments from each concern. I’m not sure yet, but what I do know is that I never want My Botique to close again. Ever!

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